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High pressure rigid pipe


The products include various high-pressure corrosion-resistant oil pipes, high-pressure steel wire braided pipes, high-pressure pipes and transmission parts of combine harvesters and rice transplanters, diesel filters, oil filters, etc.


High pressure corrosion resistant oil pipe | diesel filter

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The High Pressure Rigid Pipe finds applications in various industries, including:
Oil and Gas Industry: High pressure rigid pipes are used for transporting oil, natural gas, and other petroleum products in upstream exploration, offshore drilling, refining, and distribution processes.
Chemical Industry: These pipes are utilized for high-pressure fluid transmission during chemical processing, including the transportation of chemicals, solvents, and acids.
Energy Production: High pressure rigid pipes are critical components in power generation facilities, such as thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, for the efficient transport of steam, water, and other fluids under high pressure.
Manufacturing Industry: The pipes are used in various manufacturing processes that require high-pressure fluid transmission, such as in metal fabrication, plastics production, and machinery implementation.
Construction and Infrastructure: High pressure rigid pipes are employed in construction projects for water supply systems, wastewater treatment plants, and firefighting systems, ensuring efficient fluid transmission under high pressure.
Aerospace and Defense: These pipes are utilized aerospace applications, such as aircraft hydraulic systems and rocket propulsion systems, as well as in defense equipment manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Industry: High pressure rigid pipes support pharmaceutical manufacturing processes that involve the high-pressure transport of liquids, gases, and solvents required for drug production.
Mining Industry: These pipes are used in mining operations for transporting slurry, water, and chemicals under high pressure.
Food and Beverage Industry: High pressure rigid pipes assist in high-pressure fluid transmission in food processing and beverage production, including the movement of ingredients, cleaning solutions, and process fluids.
Environmental Engineering: High pressure rigid pipes play a role in environmental projects, such as desalination plants, wastewater treatment, and recycling systems, transporting fluids under high pressure.

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