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What is high temperature and high pressure hose?


  High temperature and high pressure hoses are also widely used in daily life. Many people don't understand them, let alone where high temperature and high pressure hoses are used. So what about high temperature and high pressure hoses?

  1. What is a high temperature and high pressure hose?

  High temperature and high voltage hose provides insulation protection for wires, cables and wire terminals. It has the advantages of high temperature shrinkage resistance, soft flame retardant, insulation anti-corrosion, etc. It is widely used in the insulation protection of various wire harnesses, solder joints, inductors, and the anti-rust and anti-corrosion of metal pipes.

  2. Classification of high temperature hoses:

  200 ℃ silicone hose, high temperature resistant silicone tube, 220 degree high temperature resistant gray silicone heat shrinkable tube, silicone heat shrinkable tube is a heat shrinkable silicone tube made of modified silicone rubber. It not only has the excellent properties of general silicone tube itself, but also has high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, softness and elasticity. It has thermal shrinkage and good mechanical properties against puncture damage.

  Product performance: A new type of heat shrinkable product, mainly used for insulation, protection and coating of electronic components. After heating, the inner diameter of the casing is rapidly reduced by half, and the protected electronic components are tightly wrapped in the casing and are not affected by the external environment. The advantage of ordinary heat shrinkable tubes is that they are resistant to high temperatures and can reach 200 ° C. Gray and white are normal colors. Other special colors can be customized. Fluoroelastomer heat shrinkable tubes have excellent high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance and chemical reagent resistance at 200 ° C. Especially suitable for places where heat resistance is required (such as electrical and hydraulic systems near car engines or fuel tanks) and places where chemical solvent resistance is required. The environment is suitable for insulation protection and stress relief of wire harnesses in these environments, protecting electrical and electronic equipment from damage.

  3. Features of high temperature resistant hose

  Shrinkage ratio 2:1. High temperature resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance, radiation resistance, excellent oil resistance, high flame retardant, chlorine-free composite PCBs and polybrominated biphenyls PBBs, polybrominated biphenyls PBBOs, polybrominated diphenyl ether PBBEs, PBDEs, and other environmentally harmful substances meet the environmental protection requirements of the European RoHS Environmental Protection Directive and SONY SS00259 standard. Continuous use temperature: -65 ℃~ 200 ℃, initial shrinkage temperature: 150 ℃, complete shrinkage temperature: 175 ℃

  4. The function of high temperature resistant rubber hose:

  Generally used electronics, electrical appliances, batteries and other packaging insulation. It can be compacted by a hot air blower to achieve thermal insulation and protection functions.


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