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Common basic problems of high pressure hose


High pressure hose is the most common type of hose we see, and it is used all over the country, even all over the world. Everyone knows the use of high pressure hose, but the problems for him are endless. We also have several articles about high pressure hose before, all of which are about his problems and solutions. Some of the problems we talked about before are in-depth, and now we have a look at his most common and basic problems.

Below we will explain him through three aspects, so that everyone should pay more attention to such a problem in the future to avoid such a situation.
First of all, if the hose is stored in a cold environment for too long, it is likely to cause cracks in the outer layer of the high-pressure hose.
Secondly, if it is used improperly in use, the outer rubber of the high-pressure hose will probably show a lot of bubbling; therefore, if the quality of the high-pressure hose produced is inappropriate, it will also show bubbling.
Thirdly, the high-pressure hose seeps a lot of oil, but it is not cracked. This is because the inner diameter of the high-pressure hose is passed by the flow of excessive high-pressure liquid, and the inner glue will be eroded and scratched, and the steel wire layer will be exposed in a large area.
Above we have illustrated the common basic problems of high-pressure hoses, which we may have seen in use. For several of his problems, everyone should pay more attention to understand his solutions in order to solve such a situation.

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