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What is the high temperature and high pressure hose?


What is the high temperature and high pressure hose?

In order to solve many problems such as safety and convenient operation, the vulcanization method of high temperature and high pressure hose is to put the formed tube blank into the vulcanization tank, and use saturated steam or water as the heat transfer medium to heat and pressure. The vulcanization temperature is generally 145~ 153 degrees Celsius.

According to the different pressurization methods of high temperature and high pressure hose, it can be divided into bare vulcanization, water-coated cloth vulcanization and water vulcanization.

Naked vulcanization

Bare vulcanization is used for cotton yarn weaving, winding, weaving hoses and small inner diameter coreless cloth clamping hoses. This method has simple process, low labor intensity and high production efficiency. However, because the external pressure during vulcanization is less than that of water-covered cloth, the process is difficult to control, and it is easy to produce quality problems such as bubbles, delamination, and deformation. The operation process is to seal both ends of the tube blank coated with outer glue to avoid steam intrusion during vulcanization and cause delamination. Then it is placed flat on the support plate of the vulcanization rack and sent to the vulcanization tank for vulcanization.

Water-coated cloth vulcanization

Generally suitable for hard core forming hose, the water cloth tube blank is wrapped in a three-roll forming machine or wrapped water cloth machine, placed flat on the vulcanization rack, lifted with a soft pillow (to avoid pressing the hose during the vulcanization process), and then sent to the vulcanization tank for vulcanization. For the hose with special structure and thicker pipe wall, in addition to the water cloth, it is also necessary to press with a rope or metal wire.


Generally suitable for coreless clamping hose, the method is to seal the two ends of the tube blank coated with outer glue, put it straight into the water tank, pour cold water one by one, and make the pipe completely submerge in water to maintain the balance of internal and external pressure, and then send it to the vulcanization tank for vulcanization. Since this method requires heating the water in the water tank to superhot water (generally the steam pressure is 0.4~ 0.5MPa), the vulcanization time is long and it takes 2 to 3 hours. The production efficiency of this vulcanization is lower than that of bare vulcanization, but the quality of the high temperature and high pressure hose is relatively stable.

What are the relevant technical indicators of high temperature and high pressure hose?

1. The working environment of the high-pressure hose is: the working environment from YouTube, such as outdoor environment, mechanical equipment, ground, etc. Considering these factors comprehensively, the characteristics of anti-aging and wear resistance should be considered when selecting materials.

2. Economic indicators: From the economic indicators of oil pipelines, to be economical means to use less money and increase the output value. We must consider the stability of the material, the rationality of the formula and the cost performance of the formula material.

3. The main medium of this type of product is oil, and the design of pressure is the key to the matching of the inner rubber layer and the steel wire layer.

4. Manufacturing technology, etc. From the perspective of YouTube's manufacturing process, the manufacturing economy, product stability and the feasibility of continuous production work are mainly considered to meet the production requirements as much as possible.

5. Safety factor, safety factor: Considering the safety factor of YouTube, it is necessary to consider the requirements of YouTube's normal working environment, antistatic, flame retardant, and atmospheric pressure resistance. The materials involved in this aspect need to be selected, and some important materials are required in many aspects.

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