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Take care of your car--the filter brand will help you


In modern life, our team vehicles are becoming more and more dependent, and how to maintain the vehicle has become a compulsory course in modern people's life. In the vehicle, a filter brand undoubtedly plays a particularly critical role in the maintenance of the vehicle. So I am here to tell you carefully - pay more attention when choosing a filter brand!
Let's analyze the working principle of the filter brand, that is, why a good filter brand is so important.
The brand of oil filter is called the oil compartment. It is used to remove dust, metal particles and other impurities in the oil that are not friendly to the engine, and has achieved an important role in protecting the engine. The brand of oil filter is divided into split-flow type and full-flow type. The brand of the split-flow filter is parallel to the main oil passage, and only filters part of the lubricating oil sent by the oil pump. The brand of the full-flow filter is connected in series between the oil pump and the main oil passage, so it can filter all the lubricating oil entering the main oil passage.
Under normal circumstances, each part of the engine works normally through the lubrication of the oil. If the metal debris generated during the operation of the parts, the incoming dust, the carbon deposits oxidized at high temperature and some water vapor will continue to be mixed into the oil, the service life of the oil will be reduced over time, and in severe cases, it may affect the normal operation of the engine. Therefore, the role of the oil filter brand at this time is self-evident. To put it simply, the role of the oil filter brand is mainly to filter most of the impurities in the oil, keep the oil clean and prolong its normal service life. In addition, the oil filter brand should also have strong filtering capacity, low circulation resistance, long service life and other properties.

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