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What is a high pressure steel wire pipeline?


1. Product structure:

The high-pressure steel wire pipeline is mainly composed of a liquid-resistant synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, a middle rubber layer, I, II, III steel wire braided layers and a weathering-resistant synthetic rubber layer. The inner rubber layer has the function of making the conveying medium withstand pressure and protecting the steel wire from corrosion. The outer rubber layer protects the steel wire from damage. The steel wire layer is a skeleton material and acts as a reinforcement.

2. Product use:

Steel wire reinforced hydraulic hose is mainly used for mining hydraulic support and oil field exploitation. It is suitable for engineering construction, lifting and transportation, metallurgical forging, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, various machine tools and mechanization and automation of various industrial sectors. Hydraulic systems transport petroleum-based (such as mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel, lubricating oil) liquids, water-based liquids (such as emulsion, oil-water emulsion, water), gases, etc., and liquids with certain pressure and temperature. SAE100R2AT standard hose, this standard does not apply to castor oil-based and fat-based liquids.

3. Product features:

The hose is made of special synthetic rubber, which has excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance.

The hose pressure is high and the pulse performance is excellent.

The tube body is tightly combined, soft to use, and has little compression deformation.

 The hose has excellent bending resistance and fatigue resistance.

The length of the steel wire braided hose is large, the length of φ 32 is 20 meters, and the length of φ 25 can reach ten meters or even more than 100 meters.

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