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What is the basis for the selection of high temperature and high pressure hose?


High temperature and high pressure hose has special properties of oil resistance and high pressure resistance, so what is the main basis for the selection of high temperature and high pressure hose?

From the perspective of the performance of high-pressure hose, the main function of YouTube is oil resistance, so the material composition of oil-resistant materials. We must grasp the quality. There is also high-pressure YouTube in YouTube, which is what we often call high-pressure hose. There are pressure-bearing requirements, so as a pressure-bearing layer, steel wire reinforcement layer. You need to choose steel wire material.

Consider these factors from YouTube's work environment, such as outdoor environment, mechanical equipment, surfaces, etc. Anti-aging and wear-resistant properties should be considered when choosing materials.

From the economic indicators of oil pipelines, saving is to use less money to increase the output value. We must consider the stability of the material, the rationality of the formula and the cost performance of the formula material.

Considering the safety factors of the pipe, the requirements of the normal working environment, antistatic, flame retardant and atmospheric pressure resistance of the pipe should be considered. To select the materials involved in this regard, some important materials are required in many aspects.

From the perspective of YouTube manufacturing technology, the manufacturing economy, product stability and the feasibility of continuous production work are mainly considered. Try to meet the production requirements in terms of materials.

So what is the reason for the damage of the high temperature and high pressure hose?

Suffering from frequent and severe pressure shocks: The bursting of high-temperature and high-pressure hoses is usually not caused by excessive static pressure, but is related to the severity and quantity of the pressure shock. During the operation of construction machinery, the oil pressure in the tubing will repeatedly rise or fall, causing frequent pressure shocks to YouTube, thereby increasing the damage of oil seals in various parts, blistering and cracking of rubber pipes, and loosening and leakage of pipe joints. Therefore, during the operation of high-pressure hoses, the valve stem should not be used too hard, but should be gentle.

The use temperature of the high temperature and high pressure hose is too high: When the construction machinery is working, the hydraulic system of the high temperature and high pressure hose will heat up the oil due to power failure, and the influence of the external temperature (especially in summer) may lead to a sharp rise in the oil temperature. The higher the oil temperature, the easier the rubber will age, the worse the elasticity, the lower the strength and sealing performance, and the faster the hose will break. Therefore, during the operation of the high pressure hose, when the temperature of the high pressure hose hydraulic system rises or rises too quickly, the cause should be found in time and eliminated; during summer operation, especially during continuous operation, necessary cooling measures should be taken.

The measuring high pressure hose can be connected or disconnected by hand under high pressure.

High-pressure quick couplings are mainly used for connection, sampling and system pressure detection of high-pressure or low-pressure fluid systems.

The check valve in the high pressure quick connector will seal the oil circuit and prevent oil leakage. Of course, it has other functions: if there are air bubbles in the system, the connector can be opened to release gas. Testing cylinders and valve blocks is very convenient.

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